Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Decorating Ideas For Weddings

Brides and grooms have a vision in mind for their wedding day. It starts with the time of year, the people, the dress, the place for the ceremony and the look of the wedding reception. Bridal magazines and reality television have played an important role in showing how others have accomplished their visions. Many Brides feel this day should be their special vision-sometimes long held visions of how they see the decor of the wedding-color schemes, indoor-outdoor considerations and the overall feel she wants the reception to show to her guests.

Fortunately, many wedding planners, caterers and florists are attuned to this ability for the Bride to express her feelings to the reception. Brides now have new options to make the day fulfill their fantasies.

This blog is a place to show how you feel or felt about your day! Let other Brides learn from your experiences and this is a chance to relive your wedding day for the benefit of others.