Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Introducing Posh Oversized Rings

Hello Remarkable Rhinestoners,

You never know where an inspiration comes that can add a new product of beauty. Robin T., a Bride used our Napkin Rings for her wedding asked us to make an oversized ring to give her bridesmaids. Her view of style was our inspiration to start a line of rhinestone rings that are fashionably styled to offer to Remarkable Rhinestone customers.

We are having fun with the idea and wanted to put our unique twist on the rings so we made fabulous settings with stretchable bands to let you wear the rings on different fingers. Our selection is sparkly, fun and sophisticated. We are able to make replicas of expensive rings to our customers.

At this price you can wear them, share with friends and give as gifts. You can find them at Enjoy.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wedding Invitation Bling

Silver with crystal heart shape $2.95 each

Heart Shape -Fits 3/4" belt buckle Can be used for shoe or bags or other accessory. The Heart shape is for the true Romantic, a whisper of love.
Size: 3/4 inch -19mm
: Clear Crystal/Silver

We have added some additional buckles to our website for wedding invitations. At we have all shapes and sizes of buckles. Our prices are very low as we are the manufacturer. 

These are the same rhinestone buckles you can see on belts in boutiques and department stores- as our fashion division sells to sportswear, eveningwear and bridal dress manufacturers.

Wedding planners also have used these buckles to dress up chair backs. They also use pins for this purpose. A cool feature is your guests can take the pins home as a reminder of your beautiful day. Brides also love our rhinestone napkin rings which will also make wonderful memoires of your wedding.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Fair Wedding The Alice In Wonderland

Our napkin rings were  selected by David Tutera for his My Fair Wedding television program on WeTV. We are on the Alice In Wonderland Wedding .

 Chrissy and Jason were the self-described “freaky kids” in high school. Years later they wound up together. Now they’re bringing that same alternative attitude to their wedding.The floor and table settings were all in black and white and accented with bright pink menus, that were printed to look like a clock, and pink Gerber daises.

The Remarkable Rhinestone Bow Napkin  was  used on the checkered napkin

Friday, July 23, 2010

Get that Coco Chanel Look

Our Pearl and Rhinestone napkin rings are a new concept being introduced to wedding receptions.

-Get that Coco Chanel Look for your next affair.

The Pearl Flower Napkin Ring $9.00
Inspired by a Princess' Ring Wedding this classic napkin ring will add elegance to your formal dinner. The Flower is with clear rhinestones and white pearls. Truly elegant

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Decorating Ideas For Weddings

Brides and grooms have a vision in mind for their wedding day. It starts with the time of year, the people, the dress, the place for the ceremony and the look of the wedding reception. Bridal magazines and reality television have played an important role in showing how others have accomplished their visions. Many Brides feel this day should be their special vision-sometimes long held visions of how they see the decor of the wedding-color schemes, indoor-outdoor considerations and the overall feel she wants the reception to show to her guests.

Fortunately, many wedding planners, caterers and florists are attuned to this ability for the Bride to express her feelings to the reception. Brides now have new options to make the day fulfill their fantasies.

This blog is a place to show how you feel or felt about your day! Let other Brides learn from your experiences and this is a chance to relive your wedding day for the benefit of others.