Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Fair Wedding The Superstar Bling Bride

David Tutera knows every woman wants to be a bright, shining star on her big day, but his latest bride Joanne takes the cake — she wants to blind her guests with bling. She wants so much sparkle that she states, "I want to put Swarovski out of business." Over-the-top glitz and glamour is Joanne’s vision, but she has champagne taste on a beer budget.  Clever and resourceful – using flashlights as sconces and shoes as escort cards – this bride’s makeshift designs are falling short of fabulous. 

In order to make Joanne’s dreams come true, David pulls out all the stops on this one.  A world-renowned runway coach, an A-list fashion photographer and a Grammy-winning Hip Hop violinist join forces with David to help take this celebration to a whole new level.  This wedding is David to the umpteenth power!  But to his bride, he pays a special homage – naming a dress he designed after her!


Navette Square Napkin Ring $11.00

An exquisite napkin ring in bright gold with sparkling clear crystal center and lined with crystal navettes around. Awesome with Brown tone linens.

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