Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Fair Wedding The Heart Bride


















  Hearts Bride

When David Tutera meets Heather Homan and Josh Tomes of Ontario, California, he finds a couple with a terrific theme for their wedding, but horrible execution.  They want their wedding to be a celebration of love:  hearts and the color pink everywhere, but have wound up with a tacky disaster.  From the zebra ties to the pink centerpieces to the glow sticks they plan to give to their guests, this couple really needs David’s expertise!  

Just when David thought it couldn’t get any worse, the couple tells him that, with only three weeks before the wedding, they don’t even have a venue yet!  David uses the next three weeks sprucing up Heather’s bland bridesmaid dresses, putting her into a fantastic party dress, and most importantly, finding the couple the right venue.  The surprises don’t stop there, as David takes the entire bridal party on a hair-raising day of fun!



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