Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Take or Leave?

This engagement ring, beautifully displayed as a napkin ring, was inspiration for my search.
 I wondered if I could actually find real napkin rings as over-the-top, elegant, and beautiful.

Aren't these napkin rings gorgeous?

 Once I discovered such beautiful napkin rings, I began to wonder about the temptation they might present.  I can't imagine anyone taking/keeping a napkin ring at a small dinner party.  But ,what if the venue was something much larger, like a birthday soiree, a charitable fund-raising dinner, or a wedding reception?  Would you take it or leave it?

I pose this question because I know of an event where several napkin rings disappeared.  The event organizers were mortified to think that someone, or most likely, many someones, took the napkin rings from the dinner.

Would you leave or take?

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The complete story @   http://arefocusedlife.blogspot.com/2010/01/take-or-leave.html

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