Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thanks To Linen And Silk Napkin Rings Are A Beautiful Thing

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Napkin Rings Are Beautiful Things!

by Alexis Casamassima
When you think the word “wedding”, many different things come to mind. Bouquets, dresses, invitations, venues, and even the word stress may pop into one’s head. When all of these things are put together, a one of a kind wedding day springs to life. Your wedding is a day you will never forget, ever.
Napkin rings may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think “wedding”. After all, they are just small objects that keep your napkins tidy and presentable. Maybe you saw them being used to create an intricate napkin design at a prior event or perhaps you took no notice to them. What you probably didn’t realize at the time you spotted one, is the impact they can have. Napkin rings don’t only have physical importance but they hold value.
Napkin rings probably have less than a minute to catch their audience’s attention. Their audience sits down, locates their napkin, gazes in awe at the design, and then removes the ring to place the napkin on their lap. What happens to that napkin ring after it is removed? Well, a great idea would be to let the guests take them home! After all, you don’t want that hard earned money put towards your wedding thrown away. Napkin rings can be used in every home and by every person. From that moment forward, every time your guest uses that napkin ring your wedding will spring to life in their head. Memories of that day will rush back and a smile will come over their face. This is the moment Remarkable Rhinestone creates for their customers.
Dress your table up with our napkin rings and let your guests bring home a piece of your wedding.

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