Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BLING OR NOT TO BLING: How to use rhinestones on your wedding cake

By Michelle Apiar

A statement flower and rhinestone trim embellish this 2 tier wedding cake

Giirls like shiny things. That would explain the growing trend of using bling on wedding cakes. From brooches to strands, brides and cake bakers are bedazzling cakes of all shapes and sizes. But how can you keep your wedding cake from looking like an old school Vegas showgirl, while still achieving the glamour that a little bling can provide? “A little”, that’s the trick. Keeping the bling at a minimum will give your cake some oomph while still maintaining elegance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Use rhinestone strands as a trimming, not a focal point. This can be effective especially when highlighting another feature of the cake, such as sugar ribbons or lace detail. Remarkable Rhinestone makes USFDA approved banding that is lightweight and adheres to royal icing.

2. Using rhinestone brooches to “fasten” sugar ribbons, or even a single brooch with intricate piping around it as a design element.

3. Placing a bejeweled topper on the cake. Swarovski makes beautiful crystal monogram toppers that can be wonderful keepsakes from your wedding day.

4.. When using any of these embellishments, keep the rest of the design simple. For example, choose a sprinkling of rose petals to accent your crystal topper instead of a cascading floral spray. When using brooches, place them on selected tiers for a multi-tiered cake, or only use one on a smaller cake.

Two rhinestone brooches add a little sparkle to this elegant wedding cake.

Add a  little sparkle can add a lot of pizzazz to simple wedding cake. So brides, don’t be afraid to add bling to your cake. The right additions will amp up the elegance and glamour of your special day.

Thnaks  Michelle !

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