Monday, November 19, 2012

Preston Bailey Suggests Napkin Rings As Wedding Favor Keepsakes

This year, more than ever, I’ve worked with some very romantic brides. Several of them requested that I incorporate unique and creative keepsakes into their wedding decorkeepsakes they can take home at the end of their reception and display for years to come.
It’s been a welcome challenge, and I love knowing that the ideas I created will be treasured in my clients’ homes for a long, long time.
Here are ten of the ideas I discussed with my brides:
1. Bride’s Bridal Bouquet. You can freeze your bouquet or hang it upside down in a dark closet to make dried flowers.
2. Wedding Reception Linens. Keep one of the tablecloths from your reception and use it on your anniversary.
3. Monogrammed Napkins. This can be expensive, but what a wonderful way to remember your wedding day!

4. Napkin Rings. This is a nice idea if you want a subtle reminder of your wedding; you and your husband will know where they’re from, but your dinner guests may not.

5. Candles. These can be either votive candles in glass containers or candle holders. Every time you use them, you’ll think of the day you were married.
6. Tall Centerpiece Containers. I’m known for my tall and dramatic centerpieces and containers. I’ve given them away to many of my brides and grooms after their wedding.
7. Wedding Invitation. I love when I visit someone’s home and discover a framed copy of their wedding invitation hanging on the wall.
8. Chuppah. I once had a couple ask me to create a silk version of their chuppah, so they could hang it above their bed. I thought that was such a great idea, and it came out beautifully.
9. Silk Floral Chandelier. I created these for a couple’s wedding reception. We hung them all over the ballroom. Afterward, the couple kept a few of them to display around their home.
10. A Special Scent. I created a unique scent for one of my weddings and then gave it to the couple. It became the signature scent of their home. I really love this idea, especially because it isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think.
Dear Readers, do you have any other wedding keepsake ideas? If so, please share them in the comments!

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